duo glider plane price

The glider of choice for routined competition pilots, the outstanding everyday glider for ambitious performance pilots or the demanded single-seater in a gliding club. Telephone: 5596799808 • Trailer rides straight and low mileage on the tires. Posted October 22, 2020, Currently being flown only selling because I've bought a touring glider and wife says sell one. Survivability: Stay up on weak days. This AR4201 was removed in good working condition for avionics upgrade. Telephone: 2450 Montecito Rd. Lasham Gliding Society Registered address: Lasham Airfield, The Avenue, Alton, Hants, GU34 5SS, Registered in England. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. RT3209-(11) COM with CU5209-(1)-101 control head. The airplane is able to cruise directly on solar power with two people on board. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Development. Posted October 23, 2020. A roomy cockpit with MH O2, gear horn, portable flarm, battery, battery charger, tie down wing ropes, full covers for the glider and the trailer. Rotax 912 80HP, Feathering Prop, Tricycle Gear, Ballastic Parachute, Mountain High Oxygen, Long Range Tanks (800 NM range), EarthX Lithium Battery, Long Wing Tips, Dynon HDX1100, Autopilot, LX Nav Vario w/Total Energy Probe, many options, professionally maintained, always hangared, 10 in and out, NDH, 220 TTAF. Rotax 912 ULS. Design and development. Total cost per year of owning a glider will be roughly £2000 (at Lasham) + the capital cost and depreciation (minimal at present on older gliders). Phone: +1 202 285 9783 It has a wingspan of 22 meters; an empty weight of 280 kg and 1510 solar cells with 23% efficiency. 4077290720 • 760 Com channels 14-28 Volt.

4077290720 • Testing facility Posted November 2, 2020. This Becker Com is perfect when there is limited panel space. Telephone: Posted October 10, 2020.

Posted October 22, 2020.

Download the Discus Brochure for more details. Also new are landing flaps that deploy automatically with the spoilers to reduce energy during landings. SN: 1403. It mounts in a standard 2.25" instrument hole using four screws. The fuselage is the same as the Arcus, providing an extra 6 inches of cockpit length. 100HP Posted October 11, 2020, Experimental 2005 Lambada Motorglider 540hrs.Always Hangered Good Gelcoat Flaperon 303 306 8796, Telephone: Great deals on Unbranded Hobby RC Airplane Sailplanes&Gliders. 615-394-4592 • Beautiful vintage L-Spatz 55. Leather interior.


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