equal opportunity in america essay

Kandola and Fullerton (1998) have shown that within workforce there are different types of individuals with different characteristics through managing diversity approach. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391.

So, given the two approaches, the managing diversity approach is more prone to be perceived as an efficient and effective methodology to enhance workforce satisfaction, which will affect productivity positively as a result. One group is still uniquely disadvantaged: black men. On the other hand, it might not be right to think these approaches as completely different from each other, for managing diversity approach is probably a result of the development of equal opportunities thought of school. You can view samples of our professional work here. The main idea for equal opportunities regarding working environment is that individuals should not be discriminated, while the decisions in the institutions should not be founded upon individual characteristics. Today's society is riddled with inequalities. In addition, promotion of diversity by the managing diversity approach is another superior point, compared to the equal opportunities approach that aims at assimilation of diversities, which is not a promising concept for employees not belonging to mainstream social strata from ethnical, religious, social or cultural points of views. Does a person's sexuality make them an unfit parent? Equity legislation - pertaining to the equal opportunities approach - concentrates on the crucial issues within disadvantaged groups of individuals in the labour market. Remember. get custom paper. The key issue behind lack of equality is related to cultural and economic factors. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Free resources to assist you with your university studies!

Organisations that apply equal opportunities approach and managing diversity approach are comparatively superior to organisations, which do not adopt these approaches (Kandola and Fullerton, 1998). The paper begins with definitions of both approaches; continues with explaining differences and similarities of both approaches comparatively. The human character has less value than social and physical attributes. Even though issues related to human rights are universal, approaches for managing diversity differ among societies, sectors or countries depending on demographic, legal, social and economic parameters (Strachan, French and Burgess, 2009). Numerous groups in American society struggle today to obtain equal treatment. Consequently, today millions of people belonging to diverse minority groups have no opportunity to experience equality in their daily lives. Politics However, when something is an obligation, it is not easy to assume or assimilate it as a useful feature for organisations. © 2002-2020 MegaEssays.com. This idea is rather appealing to most, very ideal and extremely attractive.

For example, the gay couples try to obtain legal equality in terms of marriage and adoption of children and millions of illegal immigrants strive to achieve legal status of citizens. I believe that the due process model (which puts emphasis on an individuals rights) is essential and should constantly be our primary focus of this criminal justice system, although under. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - UKEssays is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales.

Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? In the long-run, this teenager is likely to become an adult who does not fit the mainstream group of successful, educated Whites not because of ethnic or racial differences but rather because of the social and economic barriers. America. Alice grew and evolved while everybody else changed Before reading Still Alice, I did not know this is what Alzheimer’s patients went through. Different types of formal equality of opportunity can focus on many or few goals. It means that the issue of equality has not been properly addressed before. . The American children are taught at schools that “the United States of America was founded with the idea that all people are considered equal” (Jeynes and Martinez 195). Bartz et al. Is this really a land of equal opportunity? This strategy goes beyond the law, focusing on the differences between people, who are considered as added value in an organization. Sidlow and Henschen emphasize that discrimination against women, African Americans, and Native Americans dates back to the early years of the nation, the time when farmers in the South refused to give equal rights to others (99). It is important to mention that despite of the widespread recognition of the importance of equality and tolerance towards differences among people, the scientific and academic community started to focus on the rights of minority people only a decade or two ago. This is a result of the fact that, equal opportunities approach is more focused on theoretical and formal necessities, while managing diversity is an outcome of real life business world needs and requirements. Organisations can make steps to transcend equal opportunities approach using developed and refined managing diversity policies. Unfortunately, the equality in American nation exists mostly theoretically rather than practically. This can be a bit problematic, for ignoring individuality can lead some other problems within an organisation. Therefore, equality means equal access to systems and equal opportunities for all people. In particular, the idea of the inclusive classrooms emerged only several years ago, when the educators realized that their classrooms were composed of diverse students with different needs. Nevertheless, the reality is that equality remains nothing more than a concept addressed by the American Constitution. The issue on workplace discrimination has been around since time immemorial. Don't use plagiarized sources. According to Thomas (1990), managing diversity approach and equal opportunities approach can co-exist within an organisation. Focus of action for equal opportunities school of thought is on group activities aiming at development of groups - rather than individuals - within the workforce; which are usually legally required (Foreman, n. d. ). 1st Jan 1970 For many people, equality means nothing more than equal participation in educational and educational systems, for example. The main idea behind equal opportunities approach is promoting rights of all members in the society (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2008, p. 576) regardless of their social, cultural, religious or ethnical backgrounds. The history books suggest that the founding fathers did not apply this idea to the African American slaves in the South; however, the ratification of the Constitution was the first step to bring the principle of equality into law.

The right to be a family and adopt a child has been revoked from these people in Florida and in other states in America. In Florida, one case consisted of 2 men adopting children who are now between the ages of five and 14. MegaEssays. Many immigrants reason for leaving their homeland where to escape war, others for freedom to practice religion of their choice. As the nation of immigrants, the American society includes diverse people who strive to take the fullest advantage of their individualism. ( Lesbian 1 )            
Indeed, the United States of America is undoubtedly the most diverse nation in the world with people representing different cultures and ethnicities. Organisations that pursue managing diversity approach are able to synthesise equity principles with pragmatism, turning the requirements imposed by equal opportunities approach into an advantage - rather than a bureaucratic burden - for the organisation (Humphries and Grice, 1995). So, differences are problems to be solved in equal opportunities approach, where assimilation of these is promoted. Formal Equality of Opportunity is arguably the least demanding conception of Equality of Opportunity. Many initiatives have been introduced to tackle the problem of discrimination with the hope to integrate equality into American society. 1990) have found that the main issue of the managing diversity strategy is to understand that there could be diversities within the workforce; as well as these diversities, if correctly managed, lead to higher efficiency and effectiveness at workplace. Scholars custom paper from our expert writers, Equal Opportunities Approaches & Managing Diversity. However, it should be recognized that the American society does not function as the nation of equals as discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudices are still widespread. Retrieved 01:02, November 03, 2020, from https://www.megaessays.com/viewpaper/89444.html. There have been considerable positive developments against discrimination of employees recently through legislation, while initiatives for equality and affirmative action programs were developed as well (Zafree, 2010). This is due to the fact that equal opportunities approach is more legally binding, taking less notice of work environment efficiency comparatively.


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