equality and diversity in nursing essay

The model contains steps that the healthcare professional can use to communicate with their patients. A team can achieve this for our client group then to champion the change I need to allocate time and resources to assess and prepare both staff and patient groups for the necessary adaptation to the service. To give high quality nursing care to their patients nurses must understand apply the concepts of diversity, equality and cultural competence. Or could it be said that opportunity is allowing experiences that enhance her future development. Even of restricting communication with the MDT. this role and could be seen as the equivalent of paternalistic in my treatment of junior doctors. rank and experience of the individual we are dealing with. : “all fat people are lazy”. Henley and Schott (1999) recognise how stereotyping will result in inadequate nursing care as people distance themselves from those they see as different, causing them to have a lack of consideration and respect for the individual, thus diminishing care. To give high quality nursing care to their patients nurses must understand apply the concepts of diversity, equality and cultural competence.

One of those is patients with colorectal cancer and the other being stoma patients either with cancer or benign disease as a diagnosis. Nurses working within an organisation must comply to the Equality Act 2010 which protects 12 diverse characteristics such as age, disability and religon from discrimation and disadvantage (Equality and Human Rights Commison 2014). The author intends to look at two areas of practise. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? The acceleration of globalisation and therefore increase in migration means that the NHS have to care for an increasingly diverse service user population.

Cultural competence is defined by Papadopolus and Tilki et al. This is not an example of the work produced by our Nursing Essay Writing Service. Company Registration No: 4964706. Educating health care professionals on culturally competent care is therefore important with Hovat and Horey et al. In ensuring the needs of both clients and staff diverse needs are met the author needs to ensure more clinical supervision and shared governance for all team members and develop and sustain time management of the service to ensure fairness of services to all clients. It can be the inappropriate labelling of a person/service that judges individual differences from our own. In actuality, patients have a diverse cultural background and nurses have to learn to work with patients with diverse cultural background. We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your NursingAnswers.net purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on reviews.co.uk. A plan of measurable outcomes; with emphasis on ongoing assessment in a variety of modes to take into account the diversity of patients and that all may not be comfortable with just written questionnaires, and team and service user feedback.

As a small team communication amongst ourselves is clear and frequent, we in turn report to the lead clinician of the MDT to ensure the organisational, national and team objectives are met. All work is written to order. Therefore, nurses need to be able to interact with the local community to work effectively and to provide patients with effective health care services. This is a brief definition which fails to include all aspects of being a culturally competent practicioner, which arguably involves more than respecting cultural differences which will later be explored (McClimens and Brewster et al. However, it could be said that I am discriminating against the junior doctors and excluding them from the decision process. On the other hand this model has some weaknesses. To put it more precisely, it is necessary to focus on cultural diversity of patients, their diverse cultural background and individual needs and expectations; the diversity within the personnel of health care organizations for nurses have to cooperate effectively with other health care professionals as well as with each other; finally, today, many nurses from different countries get training and nurses with different cul… 2014, NHS 2014).
The existing national standards and approaches to nursing may come into conflict with standards and approaches to nursing foreign nurses are accustomed to. Also the cross cultural communication and recognition of any conflicts in values and beliefs which need negotiating produces culturally competent care (Hark and DeLisser 2009, Misra-Herbert 2003). The contemporary health care setting incorporates both professionals and patients with a diverse cultural background as well as social level.

We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. This leads to inadequate care as other diverse beliefs, values and therefore needs; will be rendered as insignificant and may be ignored (Royal college of Nursing (RCN) 2014). Multidisciplinary team working involves taking shared responsibility for resolving situations and it is essential that all members of the team feel their contribution is important.

The emerging cooperation between health care organizations and professionals at the international level stimulates the training of nurses from foreign countries in the national health care organizations.

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situations have been changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of all involved.

When looking at the construct of cultural skill which Campinha-Bacote (2002) defines as the collection of relevant cultural data through cultural assessment in regards to the patients presenting problem, Leishman (2004) identifies some issues. Therefore nurses must adhere to this code by avoiding stereotypical and ethnocentric attitudes which can be done through assessing and recognising patients as individuals. The diverse cultural background leads to the development of diverse sets of values, ethical norms and principles, diverse models of behavior, and so on. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. In the situation where some specialist nursing colleagues ignore my band three, as would be leaders we need to have a vast array of skills, make use of networking and support to slowly bring our and the trusts vision to others.

Consultation of both the client support groups will be necessary to ensure that the service users have influence on the outcome.

Study for free with our range of nursing lectures! The cultural diversity of patients is a very important issue affecting the work of nurses consistently. Braye et al (1998) discusses how power can be given or retracted dependant on the skill set needed for the task in hand. The Equality bill has brought cohesion to the previous discrimination legislation acts such as pay, sex, and race and has strengthened it to cover employment roles and how.

Nursing Essay On the other hand, it is important to take into consideration the growing cooperation between health care organizations at the international level.

As a result, nurses can take into consideration patients’ needs and to meet their expectations avoiding offensive action or inaction that may occur in case of ignorance of cultural peculiarities of patients. The education and professional development of nurses operating in the culturally diverse health care setting should focus on the development of tolerance, which is grounded on the understanding of needs and cultural peculiarities of patients with different cultural background. The terms race, culture and ethnicity are often used interchangeably, but they define different characteristics of people (Watt & Norton, 2004).

Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Dayer-Berenson (2014) however, states how culturally competent care does produce positive healthcare outcomes and therefore high quality care as through culturally competent practice, cultural sensitivity can be developed. As the leader of a small specialist team of three nurses and a support worker I am responsible for ensuring the delivery of individualised patient centred care is delivered to national and local standards. Free resources to assist you with your nursing studies! To meet the diverse needs of the cancer patients in my practise I need to take on board and acknowledge the value of the inherited old ways of practise and move on to new. In my practise historically the division of time has been 60/40 with stoma patients having more community and, clinic resources. Blakemore (2013) recognised how research by Macmillan cancer support found that patients from Black minority ethnic (BME) groups experience increased challenges and poor treatment compared to white British cancer patients; such as lack of compassion and poor and ineffective communication.

Campinha-Bacote sees becoming culturally competent as an ongoing process which involves the constructs of cultural awareness, knowledge, skill, encounters and desire Campinha-Bacote (2002). In such a way, the diversity is an integral concept of the modern nursing and nurses should understand the essence of diversity and be able to find individual approach to each patient respectively to their diverse cultural and individual needs to provide effective health care services to all patients. If the use of any of the MDT’s personal and positional power gives momentum to develop them then it should be exploited to gain a modern capable workforce. Trust A is a large formal environment and trusts B where the author works is very informal with a static workforce and has a very family and friendly informal feel to the organisation. Sharif recognises the need for ethnocentric interventions to educate South Asian communities and to distinguish them as a group to further investigate the differences in epidemiology, pathophysiology and health outcomes.

Therefore, nurses should be able to interact effectively with their colleagues regardless of cultural differences, which effect is similar to that of the difference in cultural background of nurses and patients. To change attitudes and practise as a team we will need to discuss how we manage and facilitate fairer division of time and resources, perhaps using the opportunity to closely examine our roles and through patient participation in discussing how the service is delivered, this could be through patient discussion groups or panels and using the support group for feedback. 11th Feb 2020 I intend to explore how my leadership style impacts in daily activities across the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in ensuring that diversity and equality are upheld. Faugier and Woolnough (2002) discuss how the process of leadership where influence, goal attainment and achievement usually takes place in a group setting.


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