fully kiosk ios

Turn any website into a kiosk with Kiosk+. Any idea about this? If there are any issues with the Intune app, or deployments not working as expected, please let us know!

Also available on Google Play and as APK file. Show Cam Preview – show small cam preview image, Pause when Fully in Background (experimental) – pause motion detection while another app is in foreground, Enable  Acoustic Motion Detection – use device microphone for motion detection, Acoustic Detector Sensitivity – microphone sensitivity 0-100, works mostly best at 90-100, Turn Screen On on Motion – turn screen on when motion detected, look in, Exit Screensaver on Motion – stop screensaver when motion detected, look in, Turn Screen Off in Darkness – turn screen off when darkness detected, keep screen off as long as darkness persists, Enable Movement Detection – use accelerometer and compass sensors for movement detection of the device (can be used for anti-theft protection with Alerts from, Accelerometer Sensitivity – accelerometer sensitivity (0-100) to trigger Movement Detection, Compass Sensitivity – compass sensitivity (0-100) to trigger Movement Detection, Turn Screen On on Movement – turn screen on when device movement detected, look in, Exit Screensaver on Movement – stop screensaver when device movement detected, look in, Play Alarm Sound on Movement – play short alarm sound when device movement detected (anti-theft protection), Alarm Sound File URL – play file from this URL on alarm, keep empty for default sound, can use file:// URL for, Play Alarm Sound until PIN entered – once alarm is triggered keep playing alarm sound until correct PIN is entered if in Kiosk Mode, Ignore Motion Detection when Moving Device – don’t detect any motion while device sensors detect movement, Trigger Movement when Device Unplugged – detect movement when device is unplugged from power source (ver. Kiosk Software includes online support, and business hours support. The built-in screensaver functionality lets you dim down the screen and preserve power when the kiosk is unused or at a predefined time.

Some users reported screen brightness issues where the brightness is not set/reset properly when using the brightness settings in Fully Kiosk. If you specify multiple URLs  (one URL per line), Fully Kiosk will open the URLs on, Username (optional) – user name for Basic HTTP Authentication, Password (optional) – password for Basic HTTP Authentication, Enable Fullscreen Videos – videos can be switched to full screen, Autoplay Videos – autoplay embedded HTML5 videos (this works only with websites having a static