funny song titles

Car Seat Headrest – (Joe Gets Kicked Out of School for Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn’t a Problem), “I Constantly Thank God For Esteban”-Panic! This band does not beat around the bush with their song title.

This is one of those long song titles that is the enemy of the Google Search tool. And “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press-Coverage” also by Panic! Veggie Tales has a lot of funny songs that even adults enjoy, but this song is performed by an ensemble of animated, yodeling vegetables. In 2014, the band Vulfpeck had the bright idea of releasing a ten-track album of pure silence on Spotify in order to fund an upcoming tour. Joy Divisions “Unknown Pleasures” album cover has become so ubiquitous in clothing and design trends that it would not be a surprise to find Joy Division oven gloves. Full of contradictions, jokes, and irony, this …

The Headache. Composer Michael Giacchino is famous for his work on the Toy Story, Up, and the new Jurassic Park soundtracks and he is excellent at making classical compositions into funny songs like this, with just the titles alone. This song yearns for a simpler world; one where all of our issues can be blamed on the person behind the turntable, wearing shades and comically large headphones. It has no lyrics, but a lot of layered instruments and some interesting vocals. We recommend our users to update the browser. There’s a song that I know that’s called, “Behold! This confessional title is full of intrigue; funny because of its ambiguity.

He doesn’t usually write funny songs, but with his titles, he likes to pretend that he does. Please feel free to add any that you know. This is one of those funny songs that sure gets the point across. Consider sending this aggressive jam song to a buddy who should save some money and try contacts instead. Maybe Billie Joe Armstrong was genuinely asking his listeners for help. An silly song title by a band with a silly name, this tune is surprisingly great. “Mmmbop,” sing the Hanson brothers, decked out in their late-nineties baggy jeans. “Detachable Penis” – King Missile, Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space, by Every Time I Die, Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu – Dicky Doo & The Don’ts, Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse- Borgore & Sikdope. These hilarious tweets are guaranteed to make you grin!

Send this song to impatient colleagues who can’t wait a day for a reply to an email, or your well-meaning friend who always tries to Facetime you without warning. Horse, “The World’s my Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum” – King Crimson, “Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued” – Fall out boy, “Jesus Stole My Girlfriend” – Violent Soho, ““With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm” – Stanley Holloway, “Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk” – The Cramps, “I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas” – The Butthole Surfers, “Birth, School, Work, Death” – Godfathers, “Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness” – Elvis Costello, “Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family” – David Bowie, “Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles” – Flaming Lips, “3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds” – Jefferson Airplane, “Where in the hell did you go with my toothbrush?” – Reverend Horton Heat, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – “I Wanna Find a Woman That’ll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have to Go”, Joe Satriani – “The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing”, The Crystals – “He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)”, Hoosier Hotshots – “I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bone)”, Noise Gunk Murder Castle – “I Don’t Know Whether to Kill Myself or Go Bowling”, Mayday Parade – “If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?”, The Ramones – “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”. Full of contradictions, jokes, and irony, this funny song from the musical comedy show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has lyrics like “Let’s not distinguish between men at all / Let’s just drink a lot more alcohol / And then high-five each other / As we make a bunch of blanket statements.” Don’t miss these movies with the best soundtracks. When writing a song that’s painstakingly produced and distributed by a record label, you’d think you could take the time to find out who wrote the Catcher in the Rye.

Sung from the perspective of an eight-year-old who doesn’t want to see his mother cry, the title is more comical without context. It has no lyrics, but a lot of layered instruments and some interesting vocals. The band encouraged their listeners to stream the “songs” in their sleep, and with these listeners, they earned $20,000 in streaming revenue before Spotify eventually removed the album. “A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers” – Van De Graff Generator “A Song for the Deaf” – Queens of the Stone Age “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces” – Ben Folds Five “They Are Night Zombies!!


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