honda s660 engine swap

It promises everything wished for by today’s car-driving, internet-surfing enthusiast: mid-engine layout, turbocharged power, open-air motoring and small footprint. The latest ND-chassis Mazda MX-5 will outrun it.

I prefer doors that don't come up to my ears.

It reminds me of driving a Chevy.

All rights reserved. (Oddly, though, the adjustable steering column didn’t need to be at its highest setting.) | Posted in Steering felt good if maybe a tad over-boosted. Very different. Also like the Beat, the S660 is built to meet Japan’s kei car specs. Cup holder? In fact, all of the controls give off that familiar family vibe. [9] The author concluded that the car was "supremely maneuverable" but lacked power, something he hoped an export model with a larger motor would amend, and felt that such an export model might be a potential Mazda MX-5 competitor. Kei cars offer more than decreased running costs and easier parking as owners also receive tax and insurance breaks. HkiSoS3UmhdW0KDjdXEZvPbz6IKNwVNNAgHiu42Cu9mqy2hHuCqp4gePdQo69nHf. By David S. Wallens After all, why shouldn’t it be? The chassis didn't feel choppy.

So who’s going to try and squeeze the skunkworks engine into the roadgoing car? The M&M version looks mean. Despite the penalties to be paid, we still want one, even though we realize that it doesn’t make a ton of sense. It’s lively. It promises everything wished for by today’s car-driving, internet-surfing enthusiast: mid-engine layout, turbocharged power, open-air motoring and small footprint. That big old Merc also in my picture?

If you complain that a BRZ needs a turbo, then you won’t approve of the S660. Clutch action and engagement are also typical Honda-like. Too heavy, huge body lean, average or less brakes, etc. Cmon guys! The S660 keeps that tradition alive, following such standouts as the open-top Suzuki Cappuccino, gullwing Autozam AZ-1 and retro-inspired Nissan Figaro. Acceleration, though, doesn’t exactly conjure up memories of the S2000–or even a modern MX-5. It's from a museum collection, not a press car, so we couldn't beat on it--nor take it on track. Overview.

* Save the turbo Fiat version I suppose.

Last year Honda released a turbocharged three-cylinder baby basket called the S660 in Japan. [4] American Honda Motor Co. president Tetsuo Iwamura was quoted as saying "I would personally fight for it," to come to the United States if the US market asked for it.

The S660 is powered by the same turbocharged 656 cc S07A 3-cylinder engine used in the Honda N-One with some mechanical improvements. But you could drive an entire solo II course with the right pedal mashed & almost no use of the brakes either. Doing so, at least at idle, fills the cabin with the sound of the sewing machine of an engine working diligently. Many  side by side ATV's  have bigger foot print. A C4 Corvette will suddenly seem like a comfortable, practical alternative. Duh, I just thought of something: There is a way for you--yes, you!--to drive this very car. The article didn't answer the most important car review question: what are the chassis dynamics like? Limits were placed on size, heft and engine output, with the originals limited to just 150cc of engine displacement. It shares a platform with the Honda N-One and uses the same 656 cc S07A engine with mechanical improvements. The naming convention of using the letter "S" followed by the engine displacement is a long-held Honda tradition going back to Honda's second production car, the Honda S500 (from which the S660 draws inspiration). The S660’s styling fully fits into Honda’s current DNA but, we admit, it’s extreme. Using the B series transmission allows H swapped Hondas to enjoy the wide range of B series … I. Honda S660 Exterior The front part of the S660 has the same look like the Honda NSX whereas the rear part is similar to the CR-Z. Actually comparing the Beat (or Kei class car) to anything sold by an OEM in the US is almost pointless.

Today’s kei cars still have to meet certain limits. The S660 is a very lightweight mid-engined roadster.It shares a platform with the Honda N-One and uses the same 656 cc S07A engine with mechanical improvements. The S660’s top recalls past Hondas. In the S660 this engine is mid-mounted and produces 47 kW (63 hp; 64 PS) at 6000 rpm and 104 N⋅m (77 lbf⋅ft) of torque at 2600 rpm with a redline of 7700 rpm for the manual transmission and 7000 rpm for the CVT. Put a second, not-petite guy in the passenger seat, and then the interior feels even more cramped. Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles.

I want one if they make it the S1000. Steering felt light and precise. The del Sol’s solid Targa top comes off in one piece, either by hand (American market) or robotics (optional for the Japanese ad European markets).

After all, why shouldn’t it be? The S660 is fun to drive. If you like things other than just SUVs and muscle cars the US is kind of E36 M3ty for enthusiasts. Currently, that means a max engine displacement of 660cc along with a cap of 47 kilowatts—about 63 horsepower. Most Kei cars are small vans, pickup tracks, and passenger cars that remind me of a 5/8 scale 1986 civic hatchback.

with a adjustable type allows the fuel pressure to increase so it can withstand 100ps. Shifter was spot-on. Each fall the Lane Museum hosts the Rally for the Lane. The Honda S660 is a two-seat kei sports car manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda. If the S2000 and MX-5 transmissions are our benchmarks for excellence, then the S660 is right there with them.

Instantly the S600 features unlimited headroom—although the interior still remains tiny by any yardstick. It even comes from Honda, a brand long-associated with fine products. Behold the Honda S-Dream Streamliner, which is pretty much a really sharp pencil powered by the S660's 660cc engine. For something so small and with such a short wheelbase, it rode better than expected. Regardless, 261.875 MPH over the course of a mile with 660ccs is pretty mind-blowing. And of course swap a B16 in it. MotoIQ wrote a how-to on installing a 2007 CBR1000RR inline-four and transmission into a 1964 Honda S600.

Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes. The Lane Motor Museum has one in their fleet—possibly the only one privately owned in this country—and thanks to their generosity we got to drive it. That picture of what appears to be a '85 CRX SI almost made me cry! Then you have to get into it. The kei car regulations came about soon after World War II, originally intended as a way to quickly mobilize the recovering population via a new, separate class of small, lightweight cars. Details here:

And both my wife and I loved every one of them. Features We didn’t get to run data, but our butt-meter says that the S600 pulls like a stock NA-chassis Miata. [12], "Honda S660 Concept Portends a New Kei Car for 2015", "2013 Tokyo Motor Show: Honda S660 Roadster Revealed, May Get Turbo One Liter Three For Export", "The Honda S660 Concept Is A Sporting Return To Form For Honda", "Honda S660 Mid-Engine Sports Car Concept Debuts In Tokyo", "Honda'S Next Roadster – The S660 – Will be a Mini NSX Smaller than a Chevy Spark", "First Drive: Honda S660 0.7 2dr (2015-2015)", "Meet the 26-year-old design prodigy behind Honda's subcompact roadster", "American Honda CEO Wants S660 Concept in U.S. - 2013 Tokyo", Tokyo Auto Show 2013 S660 press kit (in Japanese) pg 1,, Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 04:32. (We’re being polite here as our post-drive notes contains the following statement: “horrible rear visibility.”) As we learned, having a spotter when backing into a parking spot is reassuring. A pizza delivery guy bought it and it had 225,000 miles on it when he sold it. The S660 is about on par with an Elise. Apparently the car actually topped out at 266 MPH, but only once, which wasn’t enough for the speed record Honda was chasing. The Beat received a traditional convertible top. Good news: This year, at least, the S660 was one of the cars available. Before buying either a new or used Honda S660 for sale, learning about the car design, engine, performance and other parts is very essential for you to make a better decision. Without any instructions, we found it fairly easy to undo, roll up, and remove. The Lane’s car is manual equipped, and the S660 easily slips into gear. One small bit of reality: The S660 isn’t available stateside and, from what we hear, it’s not heading here. The start button, something more or less pioneered by the S2000, can be found outboard of the steering wheel. Those A-pillars aren’t pencil thin. regulator inside the tank to provide constant fuel press. | If I can only have 63HP and want something tiny, sporty with great mileage I don't have to pine for things I can't have. As to the "modern Miata." If we had to sum up the performance package, we’d call it Miata-like—and we’re talking about the original Miata, the one unveiled close to 30 years ago. In fact, the leather-wrapped, aluminum shift knob feels quite familiar. It looks different.

© 2020 Motorsport Marketing. [10] The pictures included several exterior photos and one of the opened engine compartment.

Wow, does that thing look as hideous in person as it does in the lead pic? The S660’s outward visibility is okay out front. Our test driver was 5-foot-8 on a good day.

The S660 is a very lightweight mid-engined roadster. We had been watching the S660 online for years and have wanted one–badly. The proportions are spot on, but it’s a small car. The the pictures really don't convey how small a Kei vehicle is. [11], Honda Motor Co. president Takanobu Ito stated that the S660 was planned for production in 2015. It features a soft Targa top secured by latches on either side plus one up front.

Japanese motorcycle champion Hikaru Miyagi test-piloted the needle-shaped race car and lived to tell the tale. Honda has been vague about how much power their team actually squeezed out of the S660's engine, or more accurately, the engine they made based of the S660, but insinuates they were shooting for “three times” its standard output of 63 horsepower. Stab the button and the S660 comes to life, welcoming its driver with a digital display that it very Honda-like. One of these with a 1.0l turbo engine would be great, too bad we won't be getting this, the new focus ST, or any other cars. The development team of the S660 was led by Ryo Mukumoto, who beat out 400 other participants in Honda's in-house competition at the age of 22. The S2000 added power articulation.


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