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In a complete reversal of how online mail ordering has cut into big box store sales, I wonder how much the proliferation of auto parts store chains like Pep Boys, AutoZone, Advance, O’Reilly had to do with the decline of low-priced mail order auto parts. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. JC Whitney tailgate handle relocators on CarParts.com are guaranteed to be reliable and durable as they are made of high-quality materials. By 1930, Warshawsky & Co. started expanding with four retail stores, one of which was a large retail center beside the main salvage yard on State Street. Here’s a quick buyer’s guide on the new JC Whitney parts and accessories you can buy: Improve your vision at night with premium fog lights designed to replace the original equipment (OE) fog lamps of your truck. The tools them selves (the ones I’ve bought) are perfectly fine ?! The 1900s sparked the rapid growth in the number of motorized vehicles in the United States. We moved into fancy new digs on the top floor at the corner of Michigan and Wacker Drive, right at the doorstep of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The road of life changes…. A couple of weeks ago I found a copy of the 1962 Catalog, number 180 at an antique store. I suspect someone responsible for the look of the HF ads and flyers was an avid JC Whitney catalog reader in earlier days. Some must still be around; every so often I see a car here in SoCal with truly old-fashioned ornaments, fake port-holes and mudflaps. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! While Topps printed the complete set of almost 800 MLB players, O-Pee-Chee printed less than 400 for the Canadian market. Sure, it was loaded with worthless crap…I’m pretty sure you could even buy the sea monkey kit thru them! ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. We couldn’t reduce our costs fast enough, so we ended up piling on debt. for various foreign cars in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Most of the parts feature a plug-and-play design and are compatible with specific features of the vehicles for which they are designed. Whenever manufacturers added new styling, technology, or safety features, JC Whitney was always right behind to give wannabes in older rides the new car look, whether it is the 1958 quad-headlight look for your 1957 car, or a third brakelight for your pre-1986 ride. Today's Deals; Kindle Unlimited. We were shrinking towards being a $100 million business, but we still had the cost structure of a $250 million business. No one admits it, but we all buy at HF too! . Warshawsky came up with the name “JC Whitney,” believing that an American-sounding business name would attract more clients. JC Whitney no longer prints its iconic mail-order catalog of automotive parts and accessories, according to its website. JC Whitney’s growing line of parts includes turn signal lights for Chevrolet, GMC, and Toyota trucks. The hardscrabble, down on their luck kinds, who need to keep their jalopy running with minimal cash outlay.

Nonetheless, the printed catalog was one of the most identifying contributions of JC Whitney to the American automotive industry. Finally, click the corresponding button on the page to. They were often in drugstore magazine racks. I’ll attach before and after pics below. 2, it had to use an antenna designed for AM 3, since it had to be placed between the antenna and the radio it only added to the signal chain (and with those infamous embedded antennas,whew!) A buddy and I ordered some stuff ca. They were extremely thin aluminum so I treated them gingerly, but the high polish finish looked really great. Dune Buggy and Vintage Volkswagen Parts from Dune Buggy Warehouse. And incredibly enough it fit and was able to be installed on the stock moutns using just a hacksaw to cut off the existing pipe’s rusted remains and hand tools to attach and tighten the new system! I can remember going thru every page looking at what was available. The ads eventually blossomed from 4 liners in the classified section to full-page spreads.

Ah, the JC Whitney catalog: The pulp paper, the dense pages with tiny print, the minimalist line drawings. By empowering drivers to fix their cars themselves, JC Whitney established its legacy as a trusted brand for automotive parts. I remember the smaller size catalogs from the late 1950’s. Remember the companies that were doing well between 2008 and 2010? If you were her in 1972, you’d not say ‘ plenty ‘ . Seems like yesterday I was filling out the tiny order forms that folded into an envelope. Absorbing. I always felt that leaving a company’s core customer behind was a bad move. Since General Wireless took over, they did start carrying some interesting products. Winky would have been right at home on the rear parcel shelf of a red 1958 Plymouth Fury. Here at JC Whitney we are proud to say that we carry Truxedo. And most of what I would get thru JCW was name brand quality merch, same as the other 2 catalogs, you just had to compare prices and go for the best deal. Too bad they couldn’t make it. JC Whitney is the brainchild of Israel Warshawsky, a Lithuanian immigrant who at that time saw a lack of affordable and accessible replacement parts. Whether you’re looking for body-painted, chrome-plated, or textured black covers, JC Whitney has got you covered. Your email address will not be published. Hope the product I just ordered will get here on time. This didn’t amuse my then H.S. Thanks for the article. Bought many items from jc whitney over the years. Obviously, they were able to successfully reorganize their debt, but these were the first hints of trouble. Enhance your brake lights and tail lights with replacement JC Whitney tail lights. Thank you Tom for a very well-written and in-depth story. . I went in to the local RS a few weeks ago when they hung out their “store closing” sign. They even had replacement carpeting molded to fit the floor pan of my 1980 AMC Concord, which desperately needed it. Start fires easily using thin well-inked printed pages.

Towards that end, they created Whitney Automotive Group as kind of a parent holding company, with an eye towards other acquisitions and brand expansion. At JC Whitney, everyone can have a third brakelight or continental kit on their car. You can still get Dixie horns; just google it. I’m old enough that I must confess to more than a few JCW purchases, most of which ended up on my Vega. But alas, flywheels eventually slow down, and so it was with JC Whitney’s. I learned to order the big ticket item separately so if it was unavailable, I wouldn’t be hit with the big delivery fee for a handful of trinkets. Thanks. The good thing is you can easily replace a damaged side mirror cover with premium-quality JC Whitney mirror covers. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. It has about as much to do with Pittsburgh as Pizza Hut has to do with Italian Cuisine. Also, your mower has been sitting in storage for a few months, where dust, dirt, and even rodents may find their way into the crevices of the unit. My own old man has related stories of crap be bought from the JC Whitney catalog. I always felt like an active participant in the integration, and not just watching from the sidelines. Here we had the Princess Auto mail order catalog, Canadian Tire, and Sears, as our most popular sources of aftermarket auto accessories. In the early ’90s I ordered one of their catalogs and was simply amazed at the breadth and depth of product offerings.

Or Simmons Mattress. Orders will continue to ship. I’m sure deep down not many people expected paint on whitewalls to look as good and last as long as the real thing. Visit our site to shop our selection of dune buggy, VW Beetle and sand rail parts today! We sure oogled over the catalogs, though – but not as funny as Honest Charlie’s catalogs – those were a blast! Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive promotions, helpful DIY articles, and special offers. Radio Shack started to decline when they deemphasized the electronic hobbyist market and just became a dealer in Wally World level junk. I must give credit to US Auto Parts for how they handled the acquisition. I’m guessing based on the landscape that VW Beetles are few and far between these days. Town Fair Tire & other big box tire stores discourage “CASH & CARRY” , so if they won’t sell to me, I now buy my tires online! Our ideal outcome would be an “angel investor” who would be willing to make the necessary investments to revive our moribund brand for the 21st century. 15 yeas ago, I bought tires for old Allstate-Puch motorbike, and vintage-style seatbelts for a ’60 Mercedes from J C Whitney. We were leveraged to the hilt: We borrowed against every asset we had, and had gotten to the point where we were essentially financing the business on the backs of our vendors. We spent enormous sums of energy looking at many potential business acquisitions, ultimately without consummating a single deal. I’m right now in the process of selling an ol’ ’89 Ford Bronco II. I never actually bought anything since by the 80s I was using specialist parts retailers for my water cooled VWs. Install Pro – While Whitney long catered to the DIY (Do It Yourself) market, we thought we could carve out a new niche in the DIFM market (Do It For Me). Firestone W217602407 Ride-Rite Kit for Toyota Tacoma 4WD, Mieziba Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Waterproof Cargo Storage Containers, with 6 Multi Mesh Pockets and 3 Compartments, Non-Slip Bottom,Durable Carbon Fiber,for Auto SUV Truck Minivan,(Black), Feezen Car Trunk Organizer Best for SUV, Vehicle, Truck, Auto, Minivan, Home - Collapsible Storage, Heavy Duty Durable Construction Non-Skid Bottom (Black Wider), ROADFAR 1Air Springs Ride-Rite W01-358-9373 Air Spring Truck, Leader Accessories Saddle Blanket Black Full Size Pickup Trucks Bench Seat Cover Universal Work with Bench Seats, TLH Leatherette Cushion Pads with 3D Air Mesh Front, Airbag Compatible, Black Color-Universal Fit for Cars, Auto, Trucks, SUV. . This brings up an interesting point on where I suspect a big portion of the company’s profit originated: the scavenging and reselling of other, defunk companys’ inventory. A funny thing happened on the road to recovery in 2008: The financial collapse that sparked the Great Recession intervened. To get to the website’s featured catalog section, scroll down to the bottom of the company's homepage. In the face of COVID-19, we remain committed to you. We’ll give you the right parts to do the things you love—and to do them better! Fabric-to-metal for my first Mini in 1963, metal-to-metal for my second one three years later. Eligible for Free Shipping . I saved up my allowance money to buy a full Topps set that trip. Try Prime. . JC Whitney turn signal lights come with a 90-day return policy and are priced at around $24 to $37.


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