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Niomi Smart Ex Boyfriend Break Up. Aside from their undeniable good looks, palpable chemistry and mutual ambition, Joe and Niomi both possess the same kind hearted, laid back nature. At the moment youth culture isn’t represented within the sporting media… It’s all people like my Dad talking about sport. Then I started freaking out over whether I should eat vegan too? In a video called ‘A mother daughter day’, Niomi addressed her split up from Joe, saying that she feels “everything’s meant to happen for a reason”. Niomi has returned with a new YouTube video in which she addressed her absence and why she hasn’t shared new content. The blogger wrote: “Please excuse my absence over the next few days. Joe you obviously inherited your Dad’s love of sport, but did you inherit his rugby skills? Joe completed his Bachelors’s Degree in Arts from the University of Exeter. Before the date she sent me a photo of Joe and I thought he was so good looking and I was very excited for her, so I started calling him Dreamy Joe. Hope you understand.”. His father, Sir Clive Woodward, may have coached the England team to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup, but his 22-year-old son, Joe, is seeking honours on the catwalk. Niomi: It was amazing. Fans are concerned that Niomi Smart and Joe Woodward have broken up. Lucky to have amazing women around me, shout out to @niomismart @jesswooodwardjones & my mum… I’d be a right mess without them ❤️, A post shared by Joe (@joewoodward13) on Mar 8, 2018 at 6:24am PST, Who Is Joe Woodward? Joe: There’d be some pretty average photos that would come out of it if I did. Niomi and Joe haven’t confirmed anything about that on their social media profiles. Joe’s mother’s name is Jyane Williams. Joe has not spoken out about their devastating split but Niomi did urge her fans to be kind and to ‘give him space’ to deal with the separation. As I walked in I was like shit,  how can I invite a vegan to the Brown Cow? It was great in the end. A 12-year-old boy was knocked to the ground by a stranger on a street corner. The popular officer was just a few months from retirement when he died. Governor Charlie Baker announced a new overnight stay-at-home order and tighter restrictions will be imposed in Massachusetts from Friday, with a lockdown between 10pm and 5am. Where did you go on your first date? So I’d have beauty, fashion, fitness, and also recipes. A 34-year-old Colorado man was found on the floor after he emerged from a hot shower into cold air. We asked them what was going on and it turns out they were letting people up the tower to the roof. Brae Sokolski and Ozzie Kheir will become the first trainer, owner or jockey to win Australian horse racing's 'triple crown' in 66 years if one of their three horses are successful in Tuesday's Melbourne Cup. Joe was born in a city in the United Kingdom and he was raised there with his parents. I very nervously asked someone to take a photo of us. Niomi: Throughout my whole time at uni I worked as a shop assistant at Kurt Geiger. Joe has been earning quite well. One of the reasons that Niomi’s fans are questioning whether she and Joe broke up is a recent Instagram post that left many concerned. Heathrow argued the move will cost the country billions and will intensify the crisis facing the battered aviation and retail industries. Niomi Smart has revealed that she and Joe Woodward have split up. Bachelors Degree in Arts from University of Exeter. When we meet the pair, they’re lounging effortlessly in Niomi’s covetable, sun soaked, Notting Hill home. ‘Even though I felt I was right at the time, I was on the wrong path and now I’ve been put on the right one.’, She continued: ‘I went into healing mode immediately… it has been agony but it’s been a few weeks now and I feel so much stronger, really positive and like I’ve closed the door on a really beautiful chapter of my life and starting a new one.’. Do you want to stay up to date of all the news about, Niomi Smart and Joe Woodward announced their engagement last December (Picture: Instagram/Getty)Niomi Smart has confirmed the sad news of her split from fiance Joe Woodward, nine months after announcing their engagement. Joe was influenced by his father towards sports. It’s funny because so many friends who do what I do, their boyfriends are literally Instagram boyfriends and take all their photos and it is sweet as it works for them, but I’d never want that with us. 18.2k Followers, 691 Following, 346 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Joe Woolford (@joeewoolford) The YouTuber has addressed their break-up in a recent video. The YouTube star began dating Joe, son of former rugby star Sir Clive Woodward, in 2016 and got engaged in December 2019. The comedian said he decided to back the unlikely winner on Tuesday due to it's clever name 'No Restriction'. South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was 'distracted' before he drove onto a highway shoulder where he struck and killed a pedestrian in September. So even though not everything has gone exactly to plan for Joe and I, I just feel like everything is meant to happen for a reason, this is life’s funny way of putting us back on the right path. Joe Woodward is now the Ex-Boyfriend of Niomi Smart and he has not revealed his new relationship status. Pop star Lady Gaga and Joe Biden made a surprise appearance Monday on the University of Pittsburgh's campus to try and excite young voters to come out to the polls on Election Day. Actor Eman Kellam reveals where TV is missing the mark on Black representation, YouTuber opens $375k of first edition Pokemon cards to find they are all fakes, How David Walliams and Perrie Edwards were pranked into fake Borat audition. you’re amazing.”. Joe may be quietly spoken but when he talks about his future ambitions it becomes blatantly clear that he’s inherited his Dad’s drive and dedication. It’s virtually a steak restaurant so I started freaking out over whether they could go vegan. Her flat is something straight out of most girl’s dream, filled with a selection of beauty products so vast, it would rival most department store’s ground floor. How did you two meet? Online stars often talk about their personal lives and relationships which is why people get concerned when they go offline for some time. Niomi: My best friend Charlotte was set up on a blind date with Joe through a mutual friend theirs. Niomi and Joe were in a relationship for years and in December 2019 they were engaged. Eventually she very sneakily set up drinks with Joe, herself their mutual friend. Joe: It’s a good story, you tell it better. A month later, they temporarily moved to Mumbai, India as Joe had landed a work opportunity with the Rajasthan Royals , a franchise team in the IPL (Indian Premier League), for the 2020 season. Niomi Smart has confirmed the sad news of her split from fiance Joe Woodward, nine months after announcing their engagement. The YouTube star said that while it felt they were on the “right” path at the time, she revealed that she was on the “wrong” one and that she’s now “being guided on the right” one. Joe: As I walked I just remember being like idiot, idiot, idiot. Viewers have been particularly unimpressed by comedian Dave Hughes - co-hosting the Melbourne event with Gorgi Coghlan and Stephen Quartermain - asking why the had chosen him. Niomi Smart has confirmed the speculations that she and Joe Woodward have broken up. Kiwis who are found to have broken sweepstake rules can be fined up to NZ$20,000 (AU$18,790) for illegal gambling. “wow, not going to lie, I’m completely shocked,” someone else responded. Niomi: They loved it. She and Joe had made the big decision to move to India late last year after he received a job opportunity he couldn’t turn down. Joe is active on Instagram with user name joewoodward13 and he has 43.3 K followers. It’s Sunday after all, and if Sundays weren’t made for long lunching, than when was? I haven’t been feeling great, and I think the best thing for my mind, body and soul, is to spend a few days offline. The comments are very sweet. However, they were forced to move back to the UK abruptly due to the coronavirus pandemic. We went to Bath for a couple of nights to see the Christmas markets.


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