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I was working today; an upholsterer, in my garage and went to my CD’s. I do think Waylon is at the same level. We loved him then, we love you now, we will always love you for you Keith. He tried to turn down his Hall of Fame induction until Whitley was in:
″Keith was very active on the road. If you go to Pinterest and look on Carrie Huff, it has a copy of both his passport and birth certificate that clearly indicate 1954 was his year of birth. In the card it said. The death of Keith Whitley felt like the next chapter in country music’s history of some of its greatest stars ending life to early, from Hank Williams perishing in the back of his Cadillac on New Years Day 1953, to Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Cowboy Copas dying in a plane crash in 1963, or any number of other high profile deaths taking country stars away during the height of their popularity. 7:57 am.

That’s the important thing here. It does not directly state that she was reading it for the first time. × Whitley was found fully clothed in his bed by his brother-in-law, Lane Palmer, said Lt. Harry Bell of the Goodletsville Police Department just north of Nashville. Sorry! We have a volunteer within ten miles of your requested photo location. It’s time people realize how much he influenced us. My work requires carefully analyzing what a person says. RCA also released a compilation of performance clips (from his days in the Ralph Stanley-Fronted Clinch Mountain Boys), interviews, and some previously unreleased material under the title "Kentucky Bluebird".
Please contact Find a Grave at if you need help resetting your password. Amid his sober streak in 1987, Whitley once said in an interview, ″It was a matter of life and death. 4:47 am. Keith was from Sandy Hook, KY. It’s there that the statue of him resides. Whitley also adopted Lorrie's daughter, Morgan, from her first marriage.


Carl Jackson, who sang “Gone, Gone, Gone,” met Whitley when he was a teenager and they briefly played in a band together. Why would Lorrie Morgan leave Keith’s Whitley side when he were to be alone. He was hands down the best country singer I have ever heard. But your comment, “I like to think Keith would have been the leading force for traditional country music into the mid to late 90’s with Strait, Jackson, and Travis.” makes the very assumption I referenced in my post. Born Jackie Keith Whitley in Sandy Hook, Kentucky. Jackie Keith Whitley (July 1, 1954 – May 9, 1989) was an American country music singer. Kinda like Lexington claiming Stapleton since He was born there. Small amounts of cocaine and Valium were also found in his system. Whitley was pronounced dead at the hospital. It was instantaneous love. Reading the other reader’s post put my mind in work mode – parsing the evidence. According to the obituary online, visitation will be at Lewis and Ferguson Funeral Home in Sandy Hook, Kentucky on Friday, December 20 at 11am, with a funeral service following at 1pm. I like to think Keith would have been the leading force for traditional country music into the mid to late 90’s with Strait, Jackson, and Travis. ″If I hadn’t stopped drinking, I don’t think I’d be alive today. When I still used Facebook and commented about Charlie Robison (maybe even included the link to your page), the first comment was from a friend who lives in Austin, but had not yet heard about his retirement.

SImply saying that if we go down the road of inducting someone for “what they would have been” it is a slippery and subjective slope. Charles Harlan had also been giving false testimony in trials for many years. During his career, Whitley only recorded two albums but charted 12 singles on the Billboard country charts, and 7 more after his death.. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, Whitley grew up in nearby Sandy Hook, Kentucky.Whitley began his career there in 1970, performing in Ralph Stanley's band. I think it’s great he’s being honored. Might have been ?

Also, to potentially sacrifice yet ANOTHER life–lorrie’s, to fight a fight that, let’s face it, you’re doomed to lose, is pretty stupid.

For help using the website visit our help page or contact The obituary was featured in Bluefield Daily Telegraph on August 10, 2008. “There’s a name missing from (The Country Music Hall of Fame),” Brooks said, explaining that without the influence of Keith Whitley, he – and likely many more of the evening’s performers – wouldn’t be in the music business. May 10, 2019 @ Keith Whitley, Lorrie Morgan, Ralph Stanley, Ricky Skaggs.

He had the best voice and used Use the links under “See more…” to quickly search for other people with the same last name in the same cemetery, city, county, etc. He was such a great trainer, a kind person with a good sense of humor and incredibly smart. I called the gym cold and low and behold Keith was in the gym and the... At Baltimore Camden Yards April 2011....Rangers vs. Orioles. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. All I know is we lost a damn fine voice. Did Louisa have a hospital in 54? But, it was a great show – even from the nosebleeds of Thompson-Boling arena in Knoxville. I have been a huge fan of both Keith and Lorrie’s since I was a kid. These types of tributes, comments, recognition that Keith is receiving from major stars and 30 years after his death speaks volumes of his talent and influence. It was a tragedy what a voice! 2 in late 1991 and gave Whitley his second consecutive posthumous Grammy nomination for Best Country Vocal Collaboration. Whitley sang with such emotion, you could feel that he felt was he was singing.

Failed to delete memorial. Thanks so much for posting.The article well written and very accurate. Gone to soon!! Crowe & the New South in the mid-1970s. [15] Alison Krauss's rendition of "When You Say Nothing at All" was released as a single from the album, reaching number 3 on the country charts in 1995. Previously sponsored memorials or famous memorials will not have this option. Family members linked to this person will appear here.

At the Whitley tribute Thursday night, Garth stated it was time to right a wrong and get Keith in the HOF, also stating his belief that Keith was the second greatest voice in country music only to Jones. The hair spray bottles were full when Lorrie left for Alaska. TilBillyHill Because, booze or drugs, the substance is always going to call the shots. When You Say Nothing at All, I’m No Stranger to the Rain & Don’t Close Your Eyes were also amazing vocals from that album. Lane was not there in the AM.

Even as much as handcuffing herself to him at night so he couldn’t sneak a drink or other things (like mouth wash). Will this tribute to Keith ever be televised?? The album was released three months after his death, on August 1, 1989. He was 33. Close this window, and upload the photo(s) again. His talent and voice still reign over dying at an early age. Whitley, Keith Keith Whitley, of Irving, passed away October 19, 2011. In response to an above comment, putting Whitley in the HoF wouldn’t be because of a “what if.” The guy had plenty of massive hits, some of which have reached icon status, three classic albums to his name, and his relationship with artists such as Ricky Skaggs leading up to his solo career impacted the country music landscape far more than any hit song or album could do.

He then invited Garth Brooks to join him on another bluegrass song “Sweetest Love,” which Skaggs said he and Whitley performed with Stanley. Vern’s prime years spent on underfunded independent labels until his big break in the late 80’s and unfortunate health issues began only a few years after his big break. Keith learned to play guitar at age 6 and first appeared on the Buddy Starcher's regional TV show at age 8. I am now fully suspicious of all celebrity deaths and how spins are arranged in someone’s mind that they are protecting the hero when in thruth they are trying to protect themselves. Next, he covered Whitley’s signature “Don’t Close your Eyes.”. May you rise each day with sunlight in your heart, success in your path, answers to your prayers, and that smile that I always love to see in your eyes. They are both under the Memorabilia section she has set up. Add to your scrapbook. While Whitley was a teenager in Sandy Hook, he and his friends would pass the time drinking bootleg bourbon and racing their cars down mountain roads at dangerous speeds. Please reset your password. He covered “Charlotte’s in North Carolina” and “Nobody in his Right Mind.” Country star and radio personality Tracy Lawrence also performed in the first part of the night, taking Whitley’s “Lucky Dog” and “Would These Arms Be in Your Way.”, “This is what makes me most excited,” Lawrence said. It’s good to see that the comments here have been predominantly respectful and fair. He had the love of a good woman, a gift from God in his singing, fame, money and children and still it wasn’t enough to be able to over come. Oops, some error occurred while uploading your photo(s). It would be one of many close calls for Whitley, including driving his own car off a 120-foot cliff and into a frozen river, walking away that time with a broken collar bone. I did so many crazy things while drinking.″. May 8, 2019 @ I was surprised to learn Paisley hadn’t written “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alice,” though it explained the Kentucky location instead of his (and my) native WV. He brought something to this town that no one will ever touch. I was on pins and needles when he was on the road.”. Trigger May 8, 2019 @ His vocals matured so much from the LA to Miami album to Don’t Close Your Eyes. You are sooooo right. The article specifically is discussing how she was seeing the card in light of what had transpired since he gave it to her. Since that Tuesday in 1989, Keith’s death has been my obsession. I realize that I am in the minority on that opinion. She loved Keith so much. Please note: You are asking volunteers to find and take a photo of the headstone. For memorials with more than one photo, additional photos will appear here or on the photos tab. The Ashland, Kentucky native received his start in country music during high school as a member of Ralph Stanley’s bluegrass band, The Clinch Mountain Boys, right beside long time friend Ricky Skaggs. Becoming a Find a Grave member is fast, easy and FREE. He was an amazing singer who could touch your soul with his lyrics, I wish it had been a different outcome because he was on his way to becoming a country ledgend and in some aspects in my mind he is. GREAT NEWS! Please try again later. Upon returning, Palmer found Whitley unconscious on his bed and called an ambulance. In Lorries book, page 201 states she opened the letter as soon as the plane was in the air. I am heading down tomorrow( 5/9) to Nashville for the two tribute shows and to visit the HOF exhibit.


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