mercedes w212 battery voltage check
With so many electronic components, things go wrong and could end up draining one of the batteries. Digital meters, including the built-in onboard display, tend to smooth out the readings too much. You must log in or register to reply here. 2) No combination of turning key and pushing reset button 3 times will display voltage on cluster. Perhaps, the engine does not crank at all. If there is no continuity, the fuse will need to be replaced. It's very easy to access: I think that one of the problems here might be the 'standard display'. I got the battery/alternator light on the dash and checked the main battery to see the voltage and it wasn’t 12.5 not running. I got to the screen with the engine running it's reading 14.2, 14.3 and it's just flicking back and fourth never steady. 2) With the engine off, the display UB will be the voltage at the battery terminal when charging is off. I have asked them to check battery voltage. Move your DVOM leads to the correct ports on your DVOM to read amps, and move the dial to the DC amps position. 86 meters long and 1. part number: a1665420418 Mercedes E Class W212 engine warning light - this light will stay illuminated if there is a malfunction within the engine after start up - we would advise you to use the iCarsoft MB V1. The following steps are listed from easiest to hardest to perform. I had my mounts replace I'm getting ready to replace the spark plugs/wires and all the coil packs. Step 2: Check fuses and relays. JavaScript is disabled. An analog meter is much easier to use when diagnosing brief voltage spike or fluctuations. The site includes MB Forums, News, Galleries, Publications, Classifieds, Events and much more! W212 (2010-2016) M-Class.

It monitors the voltage level of both batteries and the alternator and sets DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) in the event of a failure. Well the batteries are very important in our cars,in your case I would suspect it is the battery in the boot,starting is a joint effort by the batteries,as far as I am aware the back battery heats up the glowplugs the front battery cranks the starter,just a month ago I had problems with batteries now my front battery was the original,10 years old,so I thought it had to be that as I knew that the back one had been changed about 4 years ago,I used Tanya batteries and bought a replacement,on taking the old battery out I tested it and found it charged but I put the new one in and it was being charged at 13.2 amps so the alternator was good,,things were still not right so I bought a new rear battery,this has made a big difference,things electrical in the car are working so much better,a real curved ball that this new battery may have cured is that my car has occasionally stuck in a low gear so plenty of revs no speed,it seemed to dislike a fast approach to a roundabout the slow down then the acceleration away,I have used that road road 6 times now and the car has not stuck in gear I should note no faults registered by star,the other give away is what happened to you I could drive about 20 miles and stop and have the radio on and it would shut off after about 5 mins,all this points to the back battery.

I will look into the MAF. The voltage reading should still be in range. S-Class W222 - Problem With Start Stop Function. Wiggle the module to make sure it's securely fastened to the body. If you're confused as to what is making your battery die repeatedly, reading this how-to will help. The red ... Why Does My Car Die Right When it Starts Up? Follow these steps to complete this: You will need to locate the multiple fuse boxes in the vehicle and test each fuse to find which circuit the draw is located on. My car would not start this afternoon, after a 40 mile round trip - mainly mway.

I just realized I hijacked this thread to my alternator replacement. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are sealed and you don’t need to worry about leakage.

It was the original battery after all (car manufactured 1in January '00). It is designed to read and convert the voltage supplied from the batteries, then read the output voltage to determine if the alternator's output is correct. The current voltage level will now be shown. If it should, then somebody's missing something because I followed these instructions to the letter several times with no luck. I'm guessing it's time for a new battery since. The starter battery is good (bought 2 years ago), the rear batter is at 50%, and he alternator is charging at 14.3V. It only happen at during idle. These codes will save diagnostic time by pointing you in the right direction.

My car does have 2 batteries, currently being serviced at MB. Check for any leakage if you have older lead acid battery. This fuse senses the voltage seen by the battery control module. I have the same problem and, the same problem with my 03 W209. Wet Cold Weather, Bat's just hate it, either place it in trickle charge overnight on a battery charger and try that, and 99% solves and saves you the cost of a new Battery, or just go and exchange it for another.

To determine whether or not your problem is with the battery — without going to the expense of buying a brand new one — use another car to jump start your Mercedes. This Mercedes-Benz is not starting because of a low battery. It is powered on when the auxiliary battery voltage level becomes low. Check for OBD2 trouble codes by using the STAR diagnostic tool or an OBD2 scanner. Create new posts and participate in discussions.

Thanks for the info keyhole The door sticker for my car says 01/03. I'm guessing it's time for a new battery since. It's 8 years old and have 105k miles.

The battery control module communicates on a CAN (controller area network). Visually check the condition of the belt. I too have 2 CTEK Chargers and regularly connect them up to both our cars to condition the batteries even though they are starting the cars perfectly well. To remove the vent, disconnect the clips at the top of the vent. Read through this how-to article, and see if it's something you can fix yourself. Thanks Keyhole, Mine is 100AH. So I guess that goes to further confirm not all CLKs have this feature. This article ... Why Won't My Car Start? The F33 is located directly behind the main battery in the trunk. Once they get too small, continuity is no longer available and charging problems will result. Use this to test for parasitic draw and to locate any blown fuses associated with the charging system. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

The voltage regulator is mounted to the backside of the alternator and is held in place by Phillip-head screws. You go to start your Mercedes-Benz, but it shuts right back off. Charged the battery from a friend's GMC truck for about 10 minutes and that was enough to get me another mile to home. Instead, they recommend the batteries be tested with a digital tester, such as the Midtronics MCR 717 or similar.


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