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But as Akira’s childhood best friend Ryo — who also exposed Akira to the powerful demon underbelly in an experiment gone wrong — becomes increasingly paranoid about the number of demons populating the human world, he encourages Akira to join him in eradicating humanity. To defend herself, Masa teaches Miki how to make Molotov cocktails. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll She is Akira's childhood friend, who has feelings for him and likes his new tougher persona. He's Luffy's fraternal brother along with Sabo and the three of them set out to fulfill their own goals. Sadly, human intervention and more evil ghouls managed to pester and ruin Ryoko's family. He looks like some monkey boy in this shot. This was such a beautiful thing. This cost him his life which is a bummer since he was The Fire Dragon King and someone who was held in a high repute, not just by Natsu. You can search for the only thing we do is move forward. She nearly always wore the same outfit: a red and white dress, a short tailed cape with a pentagram on the back, and an over-sized witch hat with a feather in it. “Taro you’re no longer my son, this is for your own good. But before Masa can do anything more, two men jump him and laugh maniacally as they simultaneously stab Masa to death with a pickaxe and sword. Devilman RELATED: 10 Toxic Anime Couples We Wish Would Break Up Already. Unfortunately, Miki is savagely murdered by a group of humans out for demon blood, and Akira's faith in humanity dies with her. However, another death just as shocking as his would be Hyuga Neji's. Sadly Jiaraiya's death happened back in the 2000s so we can't put him here. Vital statistics © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. She cheers Akira on as he quickly beats Go, Ken, and finally Dosu-Roku into submission. He dresses their cat up like the 1970's version of Devilman, and looks up the opening of the 1970's anime on the internet (Not joking). (It should probably go without saying here, but just in case, major spoilers ahead.). View full history. She is Akira's childhood friend, and has feelings for him and likes his new tougher persona. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She is jealous of Ryo Asuka, thinking Ryo's another girl when Ryo wants Akira to go with him. She read the Devilman manga offscreen and knows about Akira's secret identity. As the state of the world grows bleaker and bleaker, Miki becomes the one ray of hope that motivates Akira in his battle against the demons. At the very least, Igneel was still able to share some words of wisdom and closure with Natsu as soon as he passed away. Akira manages to catch her before she falls to the ground. In here she's voiced by Motoko Kumai who was Pacce in Final Fantasy X and X2, Tamao in the 2003 Astro Boy, Tyson Granger in Beyblade (imagine tare/Tyson getting their heads offed by a beyblade), Li Syaoran in Cardcaptors, Sumomo in Chobits, Sukamon in Digimon, Obotchaman in Dr Slump, Kukki in Gravion (sexay mizukiiiii!! When the Mechasaurus attack and go demon, she and Michiru pilot the Getter Queen to help them fight one monster, and no nothing else as Sirene attacks with demon mechasaurus powers and the heroes fuse into Devil Getter, and beat her. It is tragically rare for Miki to get a good ending. Discover (and save!) She normally wears a hairband on her head. Titles Even though she left in a rather amicable manner with closure, you just can't help but cry genuine tears of melancholy for such a character; it's like the sad equivalent of a standing ovation. After destroying the Demon Busters HQ, Akira returns to Miki's home, only to find her head and various body parts, along with those of Masa and Tare, impaled on stakes and paraded around the area by the insane mob. RELATED: The 10 Best Kyoto Animation Anime Movies, Ranked. 3 appearances; Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku. This cost Neji his life and was something unexpected both in the manga and in the anime. Because in life we have to keep moving forward, we can’t look to the past, and expect to change it by staying at the same place. Okay, Menma wasn't exactly alive, to begin with since she's a ghost girl. Kensaku Makimura (nicknamed Tare) is an underaged (even by Japan's standards) boy from Devilman who is in the 70's anime and the OAV's/manga(he gets killed in the latter) who is Miki Makimura's little brother. Miki later reluctantly joins Akira and Dosu-Roku's gang in fighting off the spider demons that had possessed their classmates in school. Before she heads back to her room, she tells Akira to dream of them going out on a date, and wishes him goodnight. His appearance changes from time to time depending on the media. She then takes him away, and the two are shown taking sanctuary at a church. Somehow, Akihiko transported both of them to safety to talk to them. Both are tough, no-nonsense females who fall for a dark-haired warrior, who winds up not being able to save her from his androgynous ally with godly-like and demonic powers. any Comic Vine content. Miki is first seen at the beginning of the first volume, apologizing to Akira for making him wait for her after school. Miki Makimura last edited by Miki also became more attracted to Akira after this. Akihiko was poised to deal the killing blow to Kirito when Asuna stepped in to take the bullet (or the sword) for him. Under her tough exterior, Miki cares deeply for her family and friends, especially Akira. Miki gloats to him that she is a witch just like he says, and warns his companions not to underestimate her. Ryoko Fueguchi is one of the most tragic characters in Tokyo Ghoul. The 2010s were a sad time for anime fans as they saw characters one after another die. 8. Miki Makimura appears in 24 issues View all Devilman. The gang makes rude sexual remarks towards Akira and Miki, but this annoys Miki and causes her to scold them. She is captured by Gelmer, and works with Sirene to help her but when Akira chooses her over Sirene, then they both run. The result was a rather tearjerking goodbye to her friends as she finally and spiritually parts with them in what can still be considered as a death of sorts. Miki Makimura: Ohh Akira is doing okay, Just had some Run in's with these Nottoraiders, It would seem they are everywhere on Earth, Trying to cover up the Black Order's Influence.


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