mordiford dragon narrowboat

 may be the most ‘straight forward’ option to execute?? [2], The townspeople in the tale grew exhausted of the constant attacks from the dragon and desperate, sought help from the noblemen of Mordiford.  has potential to further involve the school, through design of sculpted characters/ text for storyboard; possibility of school ‘writing’ and publishing their version of the myth? A modern reverse layout narrowboat with a pullman-style dinette and built-in curved sofa-bed. Immediately her mother and father realized it was a wyvern and commanded Maud to take it back to where she had found it because it would cause trouble in the village.  Potential of partnership with Hereford Collage of Art, engaging various departments like sculpture, graphics, artistic blacksmithing to design/execute.


Mordiford village grew up around an ancient ford over the River Lugg and has the oldest surviving bridge in Herefordshire dating in part to c.1352. These men tried to stop the beast by extermination, but it soon feasted upon them, finding human flesh delicious. (2) the bow & stern brushless thrusters – meaning they can parallel park! project might offer as a catalyst/inspiration for the wider village project. [2], In the legend, after reaching maturity, the dragon's hunger could not be satisfied with milk anymore—it now had an enormous hunger for meat.

If you continue to use this site we assume that you are happy for us to do so. The legend explains that the dragon was found by a little girl from Mordiford, Maud, who had desperately wanted a pet. Completed in February 2017.

Nia designed our School Logo.

Completed in July 2017. also dies in the process. Prodigious monster which our woods did range. ostensibly used by the beast to travel from its lair in the woods to the village both pay homage to the 58”6′ Semi-trad reverse layout. But it saw all other creatures in its territory, human or animal, as prey. unveiled at a School Assembly in November 2018 and is currently being framed and found a home Initial starting point could be the church

Hire boat for Marine Cruises (Falkirik). For the moment there is no completion date. Green which would create the link between the other two projects. The Dragon of Mordiford was said to reside just outside the Herefordshire village of Mordiford, at the confluence of the River Lugg and the River Wye. It operates from a portacabin in the grounds of Mordiford School. Completed in May 2017 and sold in October 2017.  A renewed sense of passion and pride by local residents and school through combining our assets of culture, heritage and folklore. 1811, the church was drastically restored, and the central tower taken down, and with it a depiction


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