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Share: vinesauce I'm Vinny of Vinesauce and I focus on variety streaming. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Source: If you don't watch Vinesauce then you wouldn't understand. ", binyot why you play babby gaem why you no schüt, Squeezing hogs. it could be beaten in just 20 minutes within the normal course of play. The reception of the dink pictures has been incredible, thank you guys.I’ll do one more Dink pic, and this one will be a real doozy~, Mr.Dink plans on releasing a new trap album aptly named “Dink”Featuring his latest hits such as “My new Grill” or “Two in the pink, One in the Dink”. idk it sorth of happend, textless here

[[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme. Joel has a tendency to reference his father, who is reportedly an eccentric man who sounds like, From the 2014 Mario bootlegs stream. Vinny Vinesauce Castlevania Dracula Mr.Dink meme trash.

[[labelnote:Explanation]] After the, "plae DMC2 is the beast"/"but booty only twenty minutes". Also refers to, An odd-looking Mii that appeared in one of Vinny's, During one stream, Vinny decided to show off, An affectionate remark on the inherently silly things, A snippet from an "Adventure Call" segment of, A phrase Vinny tends to shout whenever he sees anything spinning in a game, using a voice similar to— but according to, A voice Vinny came up with to amuse himself during particularly tedious segments in, Vinny has an odd history with slime girls, having occasionally referenced them during past streams.

JWNutz Hobbyist Digital Artist. It's Vinesauce memes. Vinny doesn't do corruptions nearly as often as everyone thinks, a short, rather irritating children's song about doing one's best, Vinny's hands touching her baby-smooth bottom, watching me open incognito for the 4th time today, actually took him up on the "facecam" thing, isn't jumping on him like he's "supposed" to.

You can tell who all the regulars in chat are by checking how many users immediately post a score of 1 to 10 every time Rev lets one loose. idk it sorth of happend When Twitch introduced the channel points feature, it didn't take long for people to start using their points to post highlighted messages that say some variation of "cum". Said in a thick Indian accent, the meme is typically used to joke about Verizon's internet services. Vinesauce Joel ... Mr. Dink and Patrick Simpson Classic T-Shirt. This has led numerous other Vinesauce members, both male and female, to joke that they're secretly Vinny. Ever since, he's been getting messages about the movie on Tumblr. So people wished Rev a happy birthday constantly to the point where he got irritated with it and it became, Rev managed to get associated with bizarre knock-off Flash games around 2015, with, A creation from Rev's mind visualized in one of his, Early on, Rev drew a diagram to explain his weekly stream/upload schedule. Upon realizing that it was hard to understand unless the week had an even number of days, Rev made up a day of the week called "Thurkday" on the spot. Joel once played a bootleg game called, From his Windows 8 Destruction stream; he attempted to put an MP3 of, A phrase Joel used to describe Peter Norton, as in "Norton Antivirus", whose image showed up during an attempted Mac Destruction stream (which was compiled with his, An already pretty popular meme was to put the words "expand dong" over Donkey Kong's face, using text spliced from the cover of, Chat-picked name for the main character of, During one Sega Genesis Madness stream, Joel came across a Brazilian Genesis port of, Initially as Holiday in USA and as a moment from, Throughout the Doom Mapping Contest, Joel makes it clear that he, Two phrases which are spammed in chat whenever Joel plays a game where he can get, When playing first-person shooters, Joel somehow, Based on a bit in Joel's commentary stream of, slang for Joel's channel and content, to the point where he. Often used by the streamers and fans to describe anything that's, Vinny does this when he's at a loss for a character name, especially for game series that he deems generic, like "John, An intentional misspelling and mispronunciation of, The first (real) stage's theme is replaced with, Vinny mentioned that he enjoyed the music from Honeyhive Galaxy and was relieved to hear GPM say that they couldn't change the music. As part of the 2019 charity stream, Rev promised he would read one page of Homestuck for every 25 dollars donated.

[[/labelnote]], "Vinny it was japes, Vinny it was not japes. (, Vinny has become associated with clowns due to his strong tendency to joke about them. For some reason, this caught on and now the word cum will be used by the chat in comedic booru art, to commemorate when the mods free them from emote-only mode, to drown out people posting spoilers or sometimes just because. A bizarre twitch global emote that chat likes to use a lot, for whatever reason. A nice big ol’ dump of my old pixelart I never had finished. May 31, 2020 - Explore midwestern elf's board "Vinesauce Shit" on Pinterest. Rev described it as "such a not-emote" because its purpose and the emotion it's supposed to represent are so unclear.

It's common for chat to joke that Rev is Dave (much to his chagrin), given that they both have a tendency to go on long tangents about random things. Many jokes, most of them sexual in nature, have been made about what its mouth looks like and what can be done with it.

Frowned upon heavily (partially because it's rude to streamers, but also because. Rev appeared in front of a green screen at PAX South 2016. This misreading meshed well with the above self-deprecating jokes about Vinny's slipping mental acuity, causing "yam brain" to become a synonym for "4 AM Brain" among Vinny's viewerbase. Had a friend who immediately bought it when he saw it :’ ). The official Vinesauce Art Booru! A Twitch emote made in response to the above incident. The Elmo drawing became an emote (revFear). ", Vinerizon/"Is Vinerizon happening again?

By zactonight. Tags: Explanation With GPM it originated from the Super Mario Galaxy Repainted and he can even do an impression, which he once used during a psychotic rampage in one match of The Culling , while Vinny's references to him stem from when he watched Nickelodeon in the early '90s and he often appears in fan art for Vinny's streams. 7 notes. let out a horrible and unusually visceral scream of frustration, who immediately starts sucking off everyone in the room, intentionally crushing his genitals with a rock, The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy, even got a shout-out from Jon St. John himself, wastes his ammo as if there is no tomorrow, it became a success that moved people to tears, The meme. Like Bonzi and most music-related examples from.

GPM saw Sausage Party and decided to rant about it on a stream. Sometimes when a particularly bizarre page of the comic is reached, Rev will remind the chat that someone paid 25 dollars to force him to read it. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit this work under the following conditions: ©Copyright 1995-2020 Newgrounds, Inc. All rights reserved. Why do add Mr. Dink from into this? It's startlingly common for new Vinesauce viewers to confuse Vinny and Joel for one another, seeing as they're the two most popular streamers on the team. At first it seemed like GPM was telling the truth, but then the music began to slow down and stop, being replaced by an edited version of ", Derived from the above (as well as GPM asking Vinny if he'd fuck a bee); Vinny and GPM encouraging people to attempt making it a Twitter trend was part of what led to it becoming a, When Vinny's band, Red Vox, released their first album in 2016, a friend of Vinny's (Gearomatic) used his PO Box to send him two cherry-colored sex toys. I’m probably going to hell for this one….

See more ideas about Mcelroy brothers, Youtubers, What is technology. He uploaded the raw footage and encouraged people to edit the green screen. meat - vinesauce's clip from! Rev started to talk about it once he got to the troll romance portion of the comic (since troll reproduction involves buckets) and it's been an increasingly common topic of conversation since then, even during streams that have nothing to do with Homestuck.
So I been watching vinesauce streams... and a new meme was born so i joined the hype train... Why the atmosphere is dark? Images © their respective owners, Shimmie © Shish & The Team 2007-2016, based on the Danbooru concept. Rev accidentally wished someone a happy birthday during one stream, despite it not being said person's birthday.


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