semi detached house fence ownership

There’s no law that says the “good” side (for example, the side with the smoother wood) of the fence should face your neighbour. Even if the fence is falling apart as you're reading this article, there is no law that obliges your neighbour to fix it. Homeowners can save money through more efficient water use, If that's the case then we have some helpful advice towards the end of this article. On the other hand, if your neighbour is the one planning to put a new wall and you have concerns about it, try to talk this through with them. The same thing applies if it’s you wanting to put up the fence.

If you can’t locate it in writing, look for the T-mark on these documents, which if positioned on your side of the fence, indicates right of possession. Couldn’t fault the service kept in touch constantly - very helpful. This is a questionnaire that the previous owner filled out for you when you bought the property from them.

Me and my neighbour jointly own a fence I would like to change it and put a new 6ft fence in my neighbour has disagreed to it . However,if your neighbor has decided to put up a fence, they need to put this in writing and give you 30 days’ notice ahead of the work going ahead, otherwise you can take them to court. Just be aware that when you do, you need to disclose any issues you have with your neighbour. My neighbours keep throwing the panels into my driveway and back garden, despite me telling them on numerous occasions it’s not my fence. This might cause damage and  you’d be liable for the cost of any repairs. If you decide to let’s say, lean a heavy piece of furniture on the wall, you risk affecting its supporting posts and panels, which can lead to major damages. We'd suggest starting here if you're interested in learning more. And if that's the case then many homeowners think about just selling up and moving on. How to be productive when working from home, Gas Safety Week 2020: How to protect your home, The best times of the year to post your home maintenance job. Who owns what?? when I talked to him he said it was my wall and my responsibility, how can that be?

Hi Casey, yes – what you say is true. Therefore i have 3 fences; one on right, back and the middle one which joins the neighbour.Wjth repairs, ny previous neighbours and we always shared.The new neighbour however is backing off saying it is our fence and we should repair it.We are now in a pickle.We have 3 fences and repairing all 3 would be costly.If i do repair middle one,who repairs/maintains the right side and back side fence which joins no neighbour but just next to alley way. Still, more often than not, the boundary fence or wall forms the general legal border between two land plots. The best way to resolve this is to dig out the deeds for your home. When it comes to replacing an old fence, they can alter the height and material (but they’d need to get planning permission if it was over 2 metres). Iain is a London-based writer who works as a journalist for a number of newspapers and magazines. So I am thinking of just putting another fence on my side but do I need to notify my neighbour about this?

He has also written two books, one of which is a hilarious lexicon about Britishness – Iain is a Brit through and through! It may be a lower price than you'd hoped for, but it could be the end of your neighbour problems and the start of a new chapter. Is it her fault that she has put up a wire fence within her boundry?

About 4 years ago new neighbours moved in and have gradually leveled there garden using the concrete panels as walling which has accentuated the lean slightly more, they have leveled there garden to about 4 feet up the height of the fence.

Modern buildings will usually have a detailed Transfer Deed that specifies ownership of the boundary fences. If you can't sort your fence dispute (and if the fence really is just one of many issues with your neighbour) then you may start thinking that you'd be better off moving on altogether. Looking for an affordable house to renovate? I get along with the neighbors quite well and could speak with them, sort out the fence, but you never know in the future. The most convenient way to uncover who owns the fence between two neighbouring houses and the legal owner of the barrier is with a transfer, title plan, or conveyance deed. Some people are lucky and don’t have to share theirs with anyone, while others are waging wars with neighbours to settle the questions of “Who owns the fence?” and “Which fence belongs to my property?”. Hi I own a semi, the left side it is next to a children’s playground owned by the housing association. Land Search Online is neither owned or operated by the UK Government. Please answer a few short questions to help our team. However, if you discover a H-mark, then responsibility for the fence is split between you and your neighbour, and the answer to “Which fence is mine?” is actually… both. I live in a semi-detached house and there is a fence between me and my neighbour on the right hand side.

By buying your home from you at a discount to its full value, we're able to give you: But this means you will receive less than if you were to sell your home in a traditional sale. Oops! Her cats can crawl underneath as she has made dips, but I have small dogs and can’t block them off! "Fantastic from start to finish. I am not sure if you actually put plants in her land , beyond the boundary line. More often than not, however, it will be necessary to look at the ownership documents each side of the boundary, and sometimes even for the houses at the two en… also there is no rule who has the good side,if you own the fence you dont have to give your neighbour the good side. If responsibility for the boundary is shared, like in the case of a party fence wall, for instance, then a H-mark (two T-marks mirrored on the boundary line) is the symbol conventionally used and it’ll indicate that any repair bills should be split 50/50. I do feel annoyed they’ve done this especially as we paid for the posts eto.

Around building sites adjacent to highways, both road and path: Highways Act 1980; Around disused mines: Mines and Quarries Act 1954; To prevent livestock from straying from their fields: Animals Act 1971; Alongside railways: Railways Consolidation Act 1845. If I replaced an old fence with permission of my neighbour even though it was his responsibility, once he sold his house who is responsible for repairs. Hi Janice, did you get any help with your problem? Please advise. As Iain says in the article, your neighbour would tend to have the ‘good’ side of your fence but that’s not the law and not everyone would be so generous as to give their neighbour the good side! this forum information is not correct. It’s sometimes possible to establish who’s responsible for a fence by working out who owns which fence along the same side of the street. Contact us for a free valuation and offer. Anything you do to your neighbour’s fence without permission, including staining or applying preservative to your side of the fence, is tantamount to criminal damage.

Some people are lucky and don’t have to share theirs with anyone, while others are waging wars with neighbours to settle the questions of “Who owns the fence?” and “Which fence belongs to my property?”. Keep in mind that if you opt for this, the maximum height that you can go for is 2 meters. Regarding left side boundaries, My neighbour about 12 years ago erected a concrete paneled fence, consisting of concrete posts with If you’re wanting it to be higher, you’ll need to get planning permission. Fence ownership is a common uncertainty among homeowners. Ownership of the boundary is normally determined by the builder who erects the buildings. Who knew that just a simple task of painting your garden fence can involve so many laws and rules? You can only hang things on your neighbour’s fence paint it or use itto support your plants withtheir permission. Please check your email address and try again. It’s an old fence and the winter weather has blown down four panels. If the boundary for the front of the property is less than 4 inches high, then planning permission isn’t required.

For example: If the old wall was wooden and your neighbour wants to construct a concrete one, you can demand that it has to be entirely on their side so you can put up a fence made from a material of your choosing. Thanks! Arguments over fence ownership and responsibilities are some of the most common property disputes.

What’s more, you’llstill have to get the work done  and pay forit, so it could cost more than you bargained for.

I understand and would like to receive an offer. The fence on the right as you look at my house has fallen down. You will have to acquire planning permission if you want to construct it any higher than that. The middle fence does need repairing. Sometimes the fence is just the start of it. We’re all used to seeing fences around gardens of individual houses but in most cases there’s actually no legal obligation to  fence off the boundaries of your home. I am now in a similar situation to you. But you'll hopefully find a buyer. But leaving my fence open to the abuse of the kids and teenagers in the park, kicking a ball at it all day, amongest other things. Having dealt with you over the last few months nothing has been of to much trouble and you are always so friendly and nice. If the old fence is made of wood, and your neighbour wants to replace it with a concrete one, you can insist the new concrete posts and base slabs be erected entirely on their side of the boundary line, so you can erect your own wooden fence with new posts later on. Hi Jo, Sorry to hear you’re having issues with fence ownership.


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