sir gawain and the green knight part 1 quotes

But handsome, too, like any horseman worth his horse, for despite the bulk and brawn of his body his stomach and waist were slender and sleek.In fact in all features he was finely formedit seemed. This covetousness, in turn, caused him to break the terms of his agreement with Bertilak, proving himself dishonest. And I shall stand his blow unflinching on this floor,Provided you assign me the right to deal such a one        in return. Based on Gawain’s words, he seems cheerful and unafraid. in answer to Arthur’s request, an unknown knight suddenly enters The withheld girdle caused Bertilak’s axe to break Gawain’s flesh just as Gawain’s covetousness for it caused his dishonesty in the exchange of winnings. The narrator of Sir Gawain begins his story after the fall of Troy - approximately 2000 years before the action begins. The stranger kneels down, bares his neck, and waits for the blow.

Therefore [the pentangle] suits this knight and his shining arms,For always faithful in five ways, and five times in each case,Gawain was reputed as virtuous, like refined gold,Devoid of all vice, and with all courtly virtues    adorned. In addition to being a paragon of religious virtues, Gawain is a master of more secular virtue like the art of good manners, what in medieval romance was known as "courtoisie." to show the Green Knight that he understands the pact he has undertaken.

Lady Bertilak continues to push her sexual favors on Gawain. In the second stanza, the poet claims that he heard the original on the understanding that he gets to return the blow in exactly Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part 2, lines 811-1125. . (924 - 927).

"I am the weakest [of your knight], I know, and the dullest-minded,So my death would be the least loss, if truth should be told;Only because you are my uncle am I to be praised,No virtue I know in myself but your blood. Gawain opts to wear it forever as a symbol of the deep-rootedness of misdeeds. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. 5. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. To offend like a boorWas bad enough; to fall into sinWould be worse, betraying the lord of the house. He holds a holly (631 - 635). the person in charge. Then the lord politely enquired of the knightWhat pressing need had forced him at that festive timeSo urgently from the royal court to travel all alone,Before the holy days there had completely passed.[. The narrator expounds on Gawain’s many virtues, which can be summed up as faithfulness or truth. (294 - 295). Part 1, lines 309-322, Quote 3: "'Think of your bold knights,Bursting to fight, as ready and willing As men can be: defer to their needs.And I am the slightest, the dullest of them all;My life the least, my death no loss - My only worth is you, my royalUncle, all my virtue is through you.And this foolish business fits my station,Not yours: let me play this green man's game.If I ask too boldly, may this court declare meAt fault.


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