trial of the sword master mode floor 10 There’s also a metal crate under the water right ahead of you that you can use instead. If at any point one of them falls into the water, I could generally get them to come back out by hiding behind the bone/wooden structures so they lost line of sight on me. Be patient, and collect as much stuff as you can.

Crouch and move at the minimum speed, (barely move the control stick enough so that you start walking). Floor 10 is easier … Collect any weapons you see, then crouch and start making your way up. To the right, there’s a platform with two exploding barrels.

Keep looking around, don't let them sneak onto the platform without you knowing about it.

But you can fight smart.

Either arc arrows down onto the two moblins you can see, or ride the updraft to land some bullet time hits on them. By chipping away at it with only the first couple of hits, they would only get knocked back a tiny amount. Trial of the Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 12 — the final floor of the Beginning Trials — is another sub-boss fight. There’s a little help to be found in this level of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s The Master Trials DLC, but no matter what you do, you’re in for a fight. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

Stasis+ is your friend. The contents are (mostly) random, but you might find arrows (alone, in bundles or even special ammo like fire arrows) as well as food like apples, fleet lotus seeds, mighty bananas, palm fruit, wildberries and a variety of mushrooms. The weapons I have at this point aren't strong enough to take on the multiple life bars I'd end up having to burn through when taking into account a silver lizalfos making its way to the water.

There are two lizalfos and an electric chuchu waiting for you. There are a bunch of rocks scattered around.

Once they’re all dead, make sure you check the water with your magnesis to make sure you’re not leaving behind any weapons. Make sure you have selected the stasis rune after floor 9, before teleporting.

This one doesn’t, though. And when you do use them (we’ll call it out when it’s time), be careful and use only one. Use the bombs to force a situation you can survive. Magnesis it out for 10 arrows. Trial of the Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 12 — the final floor of the Beginning Trials — is another sub-boss fight. We recommend turning left first because it gets the toughest fight out of the way first. The layout of this floor means that sneaking around is difficult — you’re going to get spotted sooner rather than later.

You can also just use your remote bombs, but there’s something a little more satisfying about throwing stones.

You’re probably not going to defeat the talus this way. Your first task is to get the hinox to sit down just once. Master mode trial of the sword floor 10. It's not easy to finish the last two floors without weapons, but on the next floor it's still possible to kill lots of monsters simply by knocking them into the water, and then you can claim their weapons (plus 10 fire arrows and 10 shock arrows in chests) for the Hinox on 12.

This room is ridiculous.

Before you leave, make sure to destroy the metal crates for some arrows.

Now you can grab everything you can get your hands on.

I cant find a good strategy for floor 8. There’s one more explosive barrel behind the next tree you come to traveling counterclockwise. I highly overestimated the damage a bow will do.

There isn’t a trick to this one, so you’re going to end up fighting. Wait until all three bokoblins notice it and move to investigate. Make sure you grab its lightning rod. If you can, chain the strikes. it's a very awkwardly placed moment for the game to teach you something: don't finish combos, unless you have your enemy to the wall.

I've finished the beginning trials now, though. It gives you a few seconds to fire 1-2 arrow, even allowing you to miss its head. Equip a strong weapon and a good shield. I had left-most lizalflos fall in the water. I got up to the explosive barrels and hit them with those as well. My problem wasn't damage, it was getting damage in without knocking a lizalfos into water. If the lizalfos hasn’t noticed you yet, drop it on its head to take it out. There is a chest underwater on the left side of the room. I'm not an expert gamer, so trust me, it can be done. The first one is easy enough, a Blue Lizalfos that is easily killed with a few well placed arrows. Don't wait to line up the perfect headshot--just shoot, shoot as fast as possible and he won't get the chance.

It takes both rain and shine to make a rainbow. After that, you’ll have to face a black moblin. I can't cheese them with bombs like I've been able to with every strong enemy up to this point because they regenerate too much and too quickly.

Now you can move on to the next floor. Stasis+ is your friend here. One at a time. Floor 10 beginner trial is the hardest if you don't have a strategy. I found that I had more trouble initiating a sneak strike on the left-most (from your perspective) lizalfos, so I ended up taking him out first so I had more hearts available. Clever, but you're a couple days late.

Is the Master Sword good to use without it's DLC? There are no enemies to fight, you get a bunch of free food and much better weapons.

We have a list of all items at the end of each underground floor, so you won’t miss any. Headshot the blue lizalfos in the middle with a bow. Okay that's all nice and good, and I've accepted by now that this is pretty much the only possible way of winning. And obviously none of that matters if you die on 10. Answered Here’s what you can find in this underground floor. (You can see the fairy in the image above.). You’re not going to be able to take out the last moblin from the far platform with arrows, so paraglide over to the tower. Master Mode Trial of the Sword Floor 10 Does anyone have advice for floor ten of the sword trial in master mode?

Before you leave any underground floor, make sure you smash or burn every crate and barrel you see.

There are two chests on wooden platforms high on the walls of this floor. Your weapon strikes won't alert the other. You’ll use the first one on Underground Floor 17, then the remaining eight from Underground Floor 21, Underground Floor 22 and Underground Floor 23. Will my progress be deleted if I apply the DLC pack? Blow them into the water. Unfortunately, I've tried it 3 times by now and every time I couldn't even get past one of them, because at some point (considering you have to to do the sneak attack like 10 times or more), they'll just fall down the slope and into the water. We recommend this approach for a few reasons: The archer on the small platform won’t notice you right away, you get to start the fight on your terms by surprising the baddies and it leaves the chuchu wandering around creating updrafts. Use our tips and strategies to Your goal here is to take out the room’s other octorok before the wizzrobe notices you — this will just make dealing with each of them easier.

Silver lizalfos spit > Link's bare chest. That big butt landing on your head has the potential to be be a one-hit kill. However, there are two Silver Lizalfos... That's the real issue. Now, grab the weapons and the shield out of the chests on your right. If attacking at range, sprint for the main area then do all you can to knock them into the water. You’ve earned it. I tried using 1H weapons and stopping just before the knock back. There are two metal crates waiting for you on the landing that you can then use to take on the remaining two bokoblins. You can shoot them from here if you aim carefully — and you want them out of the way before you get too close. If sprinting, they will likely sprint together.

There’s a full list below, but make sure you grab the ironshrooms and the armored carp. I have no idea how anybody ever got past the level in trial of the sword with all the lizalfos on the pier. Get them to rush the platform. Pick up the bird eggs. The rest is easy. That's how I beat it. If they won't come up, either because they're water-jetting you from a distance or have forgotten about you, fire an arrow at them to get their attention again. Just make sure you target a chuchu before you throw — this will help your rock find its mark. If I detonate during a very small window, I'll get some damage down; too late and it will have regained most of the health it lost from my first bomb. Use cryonis to lift up the chest there and open it for 10 more arrows. This worked most of the time for us. Otherwise, stun it with a headshot, then keep sneaking up.

So I was on the docks they were in the water then shot arrows and fight the one that swam back up. Before you depart this level, check around again for any food or weapons that might’ve gotten knocked off the platforms.


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