which of the following is an advantage of the balanced scorecard

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Time and time again we see problems in performance management, that stem from the lack of a rationale for measure selection. In fact, there may be many more perspectives more important than these e.g.

These cookies allow us measure how visitors use our website, which pages are popular, and what our traffic sources are. B. 88% of members from organisations regularly using the Balanced Scorecard reported improvements in operating performance; and.

Which of the following statements about 360-degree feedback is true? AACSB: Reflective Thinking 86. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. D. Which of the following is an advantage of the balanced scorecard? Not only does the balanced scorecard combine the advantages of different incentive-pay plans, it helps employees understand the organization's goals. Which of the following is an advantage of using balanced scorecard?

By communicating the balanced scorecard to employees, the organization shows employees information about what its goals are and what it expects employees to accomplish. Which of the following is an advantage of using balanced scorecard A It, 53 out of 54 people found this document helpful.

A theory that states that the most important aspect in leadership is the follower's expectation that a task can be accomplished and that it will lead to rewards. of gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage. In particular, the balanced-scorecard allows managers to translate the vision into measureable operational goals.


This is in contrast to the traditional balanced scorecard approach, where measures are to be in alignment with strategies that often have a wording that is hard to get one’s arm around. Plagiarism Prevention 4. Learning and growth perspective considers organization’s potential future performance; directing attention on the basis of all future success the organization’s people and infrastructure. Which of the following is an advantage of the balanced scorecard A It is a tool. The Balanced Scorecards designed using 2GC’s 3rd generation approach offer a holistic but more focused view of performance measurement by ensuring that users are involved in the design process.

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The purpose of the Balanced Scorecard therefore shifts from tracking performance of a process, to monitoring whether or not objectives have been set, and the extent to which the planned actions to achieve them are working. As such, the so called Balanced Score Card really turns into an imbalanced and imperfect score card. It is a more or less a one-dimensional metric of measuring competitive advantages of a firm. (ii) BSC is a vague concept and approach, to controlling an organization’s success; as there are neither any set of standard goals nor any set of standard performance measures, for each of the four perspectives, which from the core of BSC. The Concept of BSC could be depicted by means of the following diagram: Following is a brief account of the four perspectives of analysis which are the core aspects of BSC: The financial perspective indicates whether a company’s strategy and operations add value for shareholders. TOS 7. (iii) Business and production process perspective: This perspective focuses attention on the performance of key internal processes which drive the organization.

The rest of this Resources section contains a wealth of useful information on Performance Management in general and the Balanced Scorecard in particular. Learning Objective: 05-05 Apply a triple bottom line to assess and evaluate competitive advantage.

This enables managers to establish their strategic objectives across a holistic view of the business based on an agreed view of the future organisation in the medium-term (4-5 years’ time normally). B.

Again, the organization can satisfy customers when its internal key processes function efficiently and economically. Which of the following is an advantage of the balanced-scorecard approach?

Not only does the balanced scorecard combine the advantages of different incentive-pay plans, it helps employees, understand the organization's goals.
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Copyright 10. C. It increases the pay for all employees in the organization regardless of their performances.

Economic value added refers to the value a company provides to its shareholders.

Prohibited Content 3. Introducing Textbook Solutions. Finally, successful performance of internal key processes is much dependent on the learning and growth perspective i.e. It eliminates the need to communicate the details of the plan to the employees. Which of the following helps change leaders build dissatisfaction?

There have been many attempts to quantify the benefits of the implementation of a Balanced Scorecard but there is little empirical evidence.

It is a tool for both strategic formulation and strategic implementation.


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